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Wardome 40K Narrative Event

April 20th – 21st

The Retaking of Petrix

It is the Era Indomitus, the Cicatrix Maledictum has torn the Imperium asunder leaving countless worlds at the mercy of pirates, raiders, and worse. One such world is Petrix, located to the galactic north bordering the Halo Stars in the Segmentum Obscurus. The planet was taken by the forces of the Abaddon the Despoiler two solar cycles ago, but the time has come for the Imperium to strike back and retake this planet for the God Emperor. One of Primarch Guilliman’s Gladius Fleets have set a course to confront the forces of Chaos and their allies on the planets surface, gaining a foothold on the planets moon to stage their assault. Many Xenos forces have been spotted in the area, and their allegiances have yet to be shown. The planet has many diverse areas of interest to both major forces, and battles on one end of the planet could have cascading effects on the other.

Will you join the forces of the Imperium, or come to the aid of the Warmaster?

Event Requirements and Regulations:

  • Order of Battle: Build an army list of at least 2000 points with the option to go to 3000 following all the rules for a Battle Forged army found in the 10th Edition Core Rulebook, throughout the weekend event you will build lists from a greater whole of your collection. Day 1 will be using 1000-2000 points lists, day 2 will consist of Apocalypse style games utilizing the whole of your force. Legends datasheets are allowed at this event, and when you sign up you can request an Epic Hero for your faction. These Epic Heroes will be given on a first come first served basis, so sign up early to secure your favorite named characters.
  • Game Tools: Please ensure you bring dice, tape measures, and any army books you are going to need for the weekend as the TO’s will not have spares. Please be aware that if at any time your opponent or a TO asks to be shown your rules it is required that you produce them, failure to do so will result in ejection from the event.
  • Model Requirement: All forces must be painted to a Battle Ready standard (meaning 3 color minimum with basing) and WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) this is to allow us to fully immerse yourself and your opponents in the unfolding carnage on the tables.
  • 3D Printing: 3D printed bits and models are allowed for this event if they follow the above rule, Battle Ready and WYSIWYG. If you have 3D printed models, please ensure that they are correctly scaled.
  • The Right Mindset: This is a narrative event, so please come in the spirit of having a great time with other like-minded individuals who are just coming to roll some dice and see some incredible armies participate in massive battles. If you feel like something is up, please feel free to reach out to a TO as we will be on hand to settle any rules disputes all weekend.


Major Factions:


The broad forces of the conflict can be broken down into three categories.


  • Soldiers of the Gladius: Imperial forces loyal to Guilliman’s Crusade to retake the planet.


  • Legions of the Warmaster: Chaos forces loyal to Abaddon by means of fealty or fear.


  • Allies of Convenience: Xenos forces in the area, falling into one or both of the above factions as their goals coalesce.



  • Best Sportsman – As chosen by the TO’s and event organizers.
  • Best Painted – As chosen by players involved in the event.
  • Hero of the Imperium – Best in Faction for Imperium chosen by the TO’s.
  • The Chosen of the Warmaster – Best in Faction for Chaos chosen by the TO’s.
  • The Enemy Without – Best in Faction for Xenos chosen by the TO’s.


SCHEDULE OF EVENT (This Schedule is subject to change until the day of event start):









ROUND 3: 530PM TO 830PM





ROUND 4: 10AM- 1PM



AWARDS: 5:30-6:30PM

Warhammer 40k Narrative Event

  • Entrance and Badge to the Warhammer 40k Narrative Event

  • Thank you for registering for WarDome. We understand that circumstances may arise that prevent you from attending. We strive to provide a fair and reasonable refund policy.

    Please review the following refund policy:
    Full Refunds are availabe until March 1, 2024, after that a partial refund may be issued until April 6, 2024.

    Full Refunds:
    Event Cancellation:

    In the event that the event is canceled by the organizer, participants will receive a full refund of their registration fees. Refunds will be issued to the original payment method.


    Refunds will be processed until March 1st. Refunds will be sent via the same form as the initial payment minus a 10% service fee. Until April 6th, you may transfer your ticket to someone else. Please send an email to to initiate this process. Transfer fee will be $5

    No Refunds:

    Refunds are not available after April 6, 2024

    Participants who do not attend the event and who fail to inform us of their cancellation within the specified cancellation period are not eligible for a refund.

    Violation of Event Rules:

    Participants who are disqualified from the event due to violations of event rules or misconduct will not be eligible for a refund.

    Please note that all refund requests must be made in writing via email. We reserve the right to review each refund request on a case-by-case basis and to modify our refund policy as needed.

    We appreciate your understanding of our refund policy and look forward to hosting a successful WarDome. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please feel free to contact us.

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